Welcome to G3NMD News

April 2017 saw the start of a newsletter from Houghton-le-Spring Amateur Radio Club, Scott M0MCN and Ian M0RZE had the idea to create a newsletter after reading some old CB club newsletters from the 90’s we aim to publish them monthly depending on content.

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G3NMD Newsletter April 2017


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G3NMD News April 17

Welcome to the Houghton-le-Spring ARC newsletter. After reading some old CB Club newsletters from the 90’s, Scott M0MCN and Ian M0RZE had an Idea to write one for the club, it will be good to let people know what’s going on with other members at the club and outside of the club (radio related though!! Ha ha) the newsletters could be either printed off for people at the club to read them or as Ian suggests they could be emailed out to members, even to members that don’t get to the club very often, we aim to make this a monthly newsletter, any input will be welcomed. So here goes…